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Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise you to the divine.

—Ludwig van Beethoven

Envision. It all begins with your idea, dream, and conception. Bringing your envisions to life is the vital essence of what I do, and these envisions are born of meticulous planning and process. This is where I specialize, taking a lean & agile approach to creating your dream.

Design. One of my most cherished values is 'Beauty in Simplicity'. I love making things simple, intuitive, and expertly crafted.

Develop. All great projects marry exceptional design with solid execution. I'm insatiably curious about what's next in technology, but I will always strive to pick the right tools to make your envisions germinate into reality.


  • Start to finish
  • Database setup
  • Full package design
  • CMS installation (Wordpress, Drupal)
  • Blog setup and integration
  • Photography services
  • Photoshop/Illustrator design to website
  • Update to mobile-friendly
  • Latest web technologies
  • Social media linking
  • Social media banners
  • SEO plug-ins & analytics
  • Contact form SPAM blocking
  • Image/Media optimization
  • Updating images
  • Database entry
  • Custom CMS training
  • Logo & identity design/banding
  • Print/Paper products
  • Video editing (including demos/reels)
  • Photo optimization
  • YouTube channel setup
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Email marketing Strategies

Logo Designs

My Philosophy

Any and all business entities live and are carried by one thing…their employees and or members. Whether it is an entity that has only one employee/member or over a thousand, without these people, nothing would happen. In my experience, there is a single factor as to the great and sustained success of a business entity, and that is Belief. That is for one, whichever business entity that one is employed, to believe that the business entity will succeed. The belief that whatever that one contributes to the business entity is important, that it makes a difference. But not only the belief that one holds in the business entity, but also the reciprocated belief the business entity holds in the one employee/member. A business entity is team or a collection of teams and when all believe in one another, the business entity does more than just service, it succeeds and is profitable. Where there lacks belief in any party, there inevitably will lack success.

Diversity/ Dynamic

Weather contractual or employed, I wish to be a part of a business entity that is very diverse when it comes to responsibilities, tasks, projects and jobs. The "zone", or the way people think about an idea or how to approach an idea as individuals or as the collective team, can be fluid and dynamic. Change is good. It will allow me, the team, and the business entity to grow. Where one succeeds all succeed and there is no nitch for only static and repetitious functionality.

Learning/ Experience

A business entity that allows for many directions and paths that the team/work force can venture. A position where there is no established set way or standard procedure but rather more opportunity to share experiences, learn experiences, and when no experience exists all the members can think "outside the box" to tackle whatever needs to be done. Thus, experience is formed.

Connection/ Socialism

I want to participate in a business entity where people work closer to one another. It allows that glue between them to be strong and binding. But, not just between members of the team but with others outside the team.


Bachelor of Science, Biology


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